Ripple Partner MoneyGram And Walmart Work Together On ...


Doing some digging on discord for the parsnip... I've ruled out PayPal, and Pornhub, Google, eBay, Facebook. I know I'm reaching on some of these, but I would try and think of it on a psychology level: NDA means he can't say who the partner is? Along with that, I would assume he wouldn't speak bad on the partner as well...
Things I think it could be that are household names already since sunerok kinda mentions that in his video:
Companies it definitely isn't: PayPal eBay Google Overstock Walmart. Facebook (Some Fiat) Not a Bank From the way its described , I doubt its pornhub or porn related. Why would porn be brought up in all main stream news that they are accepting a crypto currency.
Possible Companies:
MasterCard Visa Sony Amazon Target? Not sure if this is a global company... Has any of these been verified that couldn't be them? Im sure there are many other options, but these were my main guesses...
some screenshots
Random Notes: Reaches people that aren't even in crypto, which will cause a big influx of people coming in. This will put is at the top. This is probably the largest adoption of a non-top 3 coin to ever happen it could be the single largest adoption of a currency or virtual currency to happen ever. "Do we want verge to sit on an exchange and be traded back and forth for bitcoin[or be something else]. The company will use verge as a currency (it doesn't use any crypto currently. The company shut down at 5:00 pm(duh), Major Corporation. Global Company(and will reach news around the world). High Traffic Website. Will be exclusive to verge for a long time. Not a Government. Their HQ is not in Florida. Binance helped them get the partnership. This partnership will keep us in the top 5. Deals with commerce.
and the one that gets me excited, "a lot of the guesses aren't anywhere near as big as the partner".
Edit2 Another thought I had was Western Union or MoneyGram
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In Deutschland ist die Bezahlung mit Bitcoin in unserem alltäglichen Leben noch nicht weit vorangeschritten. Die Adaption im internationalen Feld ist uns dabei weiterhin einen Schritt voraus. Das Unternehmen Coinstar ermöglicht es Kunden in den USA Bitcoin in einer ganzen Reihe von Supermärkten zu kaufen. American multinational retail corporation, Walmart, has announced that it would be partnering with Ripple partners, MoneyGram and Ria, to power its Walmart2World money transfer service across its 4,700 stores. According to Walmart’s press release, the retail giant estimates that customers utilizing the Walmart2World service have saved an estimated $1 billion in total costs over the […] U.S. retail giant Walmart has entered in collaboration with Ripple's partners Moneygram and Ria to expand its transfer services. The main goal is to improve its current Walmart2World payment platform [ October 6, 2020 ] Crime Cartel: BitMEX, Kraken, Binance,, Blockstream & Ethereum Ethereum [ October 6, 2020 ] Key Ripple Partner and Walmart Aim to “Grow Business” Key Ripple Partner and Walmart Aim to “Grow Business” Der amerikanische Einzelhandelsgigant Walmart hat vorgestern angekündigt, dass er mit MoneyGram und Ria zusammenarbeiten wird, um seinen Geld-Transferdienst Walmart2World in seinen 4.700 Filialen zu unterstützen. Bei MoneyGram und Ria handelt es sich um bestehende Partner von Ripple, die bereits RippleNet und On-Demand-Liquidity (ODL) des Unternehmens nutzen. The information about this new partnership was released by Walmart in an official announcement on November 4.. Ripple Partners Work With Walmart On Money Transfer Service. Two large partners of Ripple, MoneyGram and Ria, are currently working with Walmart to improve the system the company is currently using to transfer money. Buying Bitcoin At Walmart. There are Some ways to get bitcoin keeping Walmart in contact. Walmart supports money transactions that are known as Walmart2Walmart money transfers. Walmart is doing a money transfer business worldwide with a connection with MoneyGram. But Walmart2Walmart is an altogether separate service with the aid of Ria money ... Walmart is collaborating with Ripple-backed Ria and MoneyGram to improve its existing system for transferring money.. Chances are high that since MoneyGram utilizes Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity and Ria runs on Ripple too, the current Walmart’s system Walmart2World will do likewise, thus becoming much faster and cheaper.

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